Adventure Toys for little Heroes_T-shirt design for Threadless_The Blue ChestWho hasn’t dreamt of one day traveling across the land of Hyrule, braving forests and mountains, moving from dungeon to dungeon, fighting bosses and saving the kingdom from the clutches of Ganon? Certainly not us!

Considering that it’s never too early to get ready for a good quest, we thought that everybody should be well equipped. Sword and shield, ocarina, slingshot, boomerang, hookshot, bomb, bow with arrows, a good pair of walking shoes and a comfy hoodie, a first aid kit, keys, protein shakes, some rupees and a map. Nothing’s missing 🙂

The T-shirt "Adventure toys for little heroes" is available on

Our “Adventure Toys for little Heroes” is available on

Men, women and kid’s apparel: T-shirt, longsleeve, v-neck, hoody, baby bodysuit- Everything a hero of time would need is in our artist’s shop! 🙂


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